Wireless and adaptable sensor technology for the green
energy sector 

Condition-based maintenance

Our cost-efficient senor solutions give you a 360-degree view into what is going on at your facility. A hassle-free installation connects and location and delivers the datapoints that are imporant for the security of your operation.

With focus on user friendliness, effectiveness, and security Solution Provider's products and services help you to control your project now and in the future.

What we offer

User friendliness

The plug and play nature of our sensors enables you to gain control over potential hazard points, exactly where you need it, in real time. Measure temperature, pressure, vibration and many other key figures, all in one application.


Realtime data helps you not only to prevent issues and downtime, but lets you optimize your facility and become a true contributor to a better environment. 


Solution Provider has access to a professional global contact network. As member of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and Maritime Forum we guarantee highest standards in condition-based maintenance.

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